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The UEA Programme Delivery Team (PDT) operates within defined Terms of Reference and is accountable to both Health Education England (HEE) and the UEA School of Pharmacy Teaching Committee.

We also submit regular reports to the UEA training Programmes Stakeholder Advisory Group (PSAG) who are invited to make recommendations for improvements. The PSAG membership includes chief pharmacists, pharmacy education and training leads and trainee representatives.

For all enquiries contact Maria Christou (Programme Director) email: m.christou@uea.ac.uk     Tel: 01603593080

Team members work in close partnership with the East of England Training Managers Group, who manage training at the hospital sites employing the foundation year pharmacists.

View hospitals index for names and contact details here.

Our vision is to embed educational leadership, excellence and innovation in the programme, in line with the expectations of HEE and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Team members:

Name Role Work Base


Placement Supervisor for: Beds & Herts (Bedford Hospital)
MARIA CHRISTOU Programme Director (UEA School of Pharmacy)
JUDY CROOT Placement Supervisor for: Essex (UEA School of Pharmacy)
SHARON GODDARD Programme Administrator (UEA School of Pharmacy)
CAROLINE HALLAM Teacher Practitioner (UEA/NNUH)
HANNAH KINSEY Researcher/Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice (UEA)
SHARON LEVERETT Teacher practitioner (UEA/NNUH)
RINA MATALA Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice (UEA School of Pharmacy)
PAUL MCDERMOTT STLG Group Facilitator (UEA School of Pharmacy)
GILL SHELTON Deputy Programme Director (Cambridge University Hospitals)
HATTIE WHITESIDE Placement supervisor for :Norfolk and Suffolk (UEA School of Pharmacy)
DAVID WRIGHT Governance Lead (UEA School of Pharmacy)




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