201/18 Excellence Day Award winners – 23 May 2018

All trainees gave presentations on a diversity of topics, including clinical audit results and mini projects conducted during placements at GP practices or CCGs.  Our split industry trainees talked about their experiences and career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.  View titles of all presentations here

Awards were presented to the top presentations and also the top performing Group of the Year.  View highlights of the Awards below:

Oral presentations

amali-gamaarachchi-image.jpg hazel-forde-image.jpg james-adams-image.jpg
Amali Gamaarachchi (Essex Partnership University Trust) Hazel Forde (Cambridge University Hospitals) James Adams (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals)
kerrianne-clinton-image.jpg mark-brooks-image.jpg mona-belaid-image.jpg
Kerrianne clinton (Lister Hospital – East & North Herts Trust) Mark Brooks (James Paget University Hospital) Mona Belaid (Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital/GSK)
neel-desai-image.jpg shaun-earl-image.jpg sinead-noone-image.jpg
Neel Desai (Peterborough City Hospital-NWA Trust) Shaun Earl (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital) Sinead Noone (Mid-Essex Hospital)

Overall winner


Annie Lane - Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) split post

Audit title:
An audit to evaluate the quality of depot antipsychotic prescribing and monitoring in the Cambridge locality teams and CPFT

Annie will be presenting this work as a poster at the next UKCPA Pharmacy Together Conference to be held on Friday 2 November 2018 at the Novotel London West.

Top Performing Group

top-performing-group-2018-image.jpg Names from left to right:
Neel Desai(NWA Trust – Peterborough City Hospital)
Miriam Kerry(Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital)
Mariama Mustafajeva(Cambridge University Hospitals)
Sanyu Birungi(Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital)
Rina Matala(Organiser of Residential Study Programme, UEA)
Sizar Doski(Luton & Dunstable University Hospital)
Ashfa Khan(West Herts Trust – Watford General Hospital)
Khowla Oun(The Princess Alexandra Hospital and GSK split post)

2016/17 Excellence Day Award winners – 24 May 2017

Audit projects Oral presentations

dsc3734-mobile.jpgSalma Said (Lister Hospital)

dsc3739-mobile.jpg Dean Anderson (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn)

dsc3732-mobile.jpg Humairah Rehman (Papworth Hospital)

Special topics oral presentations

dsc3752-mobile.jpgGina Randolph (Luton & Dunstable University Hospital)

dsc3732-mobile.jpgHumairah Rehman (Papworth Hospital)

dsc3774-mobile.jpgTimothy Seeborne (Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital) and Winner of best Audit UKCPA Awards

e-poster presentations

dsc3728-mobile.jpgJordan Fulcher (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals)

dsc3731-mobile.jpgSamuel Jordan (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital)

dsc3736-large-mobile.jpgJerlin Joseph (Colchester University Hospital)

dsc3743-mobile.jpgSharmeen Baloch (Bedford Hospital)

dsc3737-mobile.jpgWilliam Maxwell (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital)

dsc3748-mobile.jpgMyrah Ahmed (Luton & Dunstable University Hospital)

Highest performing group


Best group teaching session



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